What is mBIT or mBraining?

20 years of scientific research and discovery means Neuroscience now has a body of evidence supporting the wisdom of Eastern philosophy and Indigenous cultures; evidence for what they have always known … we have more than one brain!

From this research, we now know humans have at least 3 centres of intelligence – that’s right your Heart and Gut (belly) are neural networks or brains, too. 

Our Heart and Gut brains have fewer neurons, so they don’t communicate in words (just as well really when we can already have so many conversations in our Head brain, right!)  Instead, the Heart and Gut use more sensory based ‘language’.  You have probably had the experience of ‘gut instinct’ or an intuitive flash, an ah-ha or a feeling in the moment to respond or do in a certain way.  This is our Innate intelligence speaking to us.

mBIT gives us the tools to access and align our Instinctual (Gut), Intuitive (Heart) and Intellectual (Head) systems in an empowering and resourcing way.

Each of our 3-brains have core competencies to perform for us.  And just like any team, when each player is able to operate at their best, the whole team performs better; greater ease, more flow and better results.

When we learn to recognise and respond to the wisdom of each centre, we become more coherent and aligned. In effect we live a higher expression of ourselves; we have more energy, greater insight, resilience and influence.  Our body has less stress and more vibrancy, so we naturally boost performance, productivity, health and well-being.

In coaching sessions…

Learn how to align and integrate your Head, Heart and Gut brains to increase your levels of emergent wisdom.  You will feel more aligned, have a truer sense of self and have greater confidence in your decision-making. Enable your more authentic and satisfying life today.