Professional Supervision

Are you a Coach, Facilitator or Trainer yourself?

Do you work in Health, Social Services or Supervision?

If so, then you will know the professional and personal benefits of having your own regular Professional Supervision.

Paula is skilled at guiding others to access their own self-leadership potential, emotional intelligence, and resilience.  Importantly for today’s workplaces, mindfulness, self-care and inner alignment also inform her coaching practice.

If you would like to:

  • explore and expand your own professional practices
  • manage and maintain your state in that choppy sea of attending to everyone else’s needs
  • learn new models and techniques to enhance your range of services

Then contact us today to discuss taking your Supervision Next Level…

Discover new ways to keep your mojo, resilience and creativity in good form so you get to… Live YOUR best life, too!

Paula your supervision has been invaluable to me, both personally and professionally. Initially I was a bit dubious, but I am now a true believer! I use the methods all the time both in my personal and work life. You inspire me to think of things on a much broader scale, and I like the way you challenge me to think in directions that I had not considered. Your experience, insight and support has helped me so much and has strengthened my own skills.

I have moved forward in my life and career due to surrounding myself with good people, I count you among them. 

Team Leader, Kaipara District Council

Paula is exceptional at what she does. She challenges my thinking on how I work with my clients, uncovers any bias or unuseful filters I may be running, and helps me unpick issues when dealing with what is often difficult mediation situations. She reminds me of my strengths and inner resources, which is one of the key skills in coaching.

Jean Schoultz, Coach and Trainer, Everest Group

Working with Paula has opened up a world of possibilities. I have discovered skills and tools that support me to show up more authentically in the work environment. I have become more skilled at making decisions and responding to and moving forward from challenging situations. Through coaching with Paula I have improved significantly my personal and professional ability to communicate with influence and clarity.

Head Teacher, Northland Kindergarten Association