What they’re saying

When you master yourself, you master your life.

Dr Joe Dispenza

Personal Coaching

Thanks, so much Paula, yesterday was brimming with loads of useful take home stuff, as always.

You have helped me immeasurably; this year particularly has been tough at times.

It’s wonderful to be feeling lighter and brighter, and to genuinely laugh and smile again; you’ve helped a great deal with that.  So grateful for the tools and changes I’ve been able to make in mine and my family’s world.  

Trish H

My partners’ first session with you was great, we’ve both benefited a lot from it. There’s been a huge difference in how he’s dealing with things, managing anger and communicating more clearly.

I wish we had found you much sooner!

Sara M, Auckland

Thanks for the brilliant coaching today Paula. I feel empowered and much clearer. This is the best couple of hours I’ve ever experienced in regard to overcoming Chronic Fatigue.

Trish C, Auckland

Young People

I was having anxiety attacks in certain situations. After only one session things improved and I still use a couple of the techniques Paula gave me when I feel uncertainty creeping into my mind.

Lily, 15yrs

Skype Coaching

The Skype Coaching experience has totally exceeded any expectation or vision I had. 

Working with Paula has been a game-changer…. 

Paula’s coaching/life experience shines through so brightly and effectively in the way she listens and creates a safe space for growth.  I have already been able to take many of the tools she has provided and integrate them into my personal life, and also professionally.

If you are skeptical about Skype coaching, I would recommend that you be curious and give it a try.  It has truly been the most effective personal/professional growth work that I have done.  

Sue R, USA

Leadership/Employee Coaching

Such quick and positive results from our coaching work – every session!   LOVE IT!!

I’m more focused and managing my emotions and thoughts in more useful ways. 

Paula is an extraordinary coach who brings care and respect to clients while ensuring they take responsibility for themselves.

Raewyn, Recruitment Advisor

Thank you, Paula.  Our employee has had really positive results from you coaching. I am very happy to support further sessions.

Darren W, Auckland

Thanks so much for your time spent with one of our team members. He comes back energised yet focused after sessions with you.  We are noticing a much more grounded, confident and effective employee.

Financial Advisor, Waikato

Professional Supervision

I believe coaching is an incredibly powerful support for personal and professional development; and as a professional coach it is important for me to ‘Walk the Talk’.  Paula is exceptional at what she does as she walks beside me in my ‘walk the talk’ journey.  Paula challenges my thinking on how I work with my clients, uncovers any bias or unuseful filters I may be running, and helps me unpick issues when dealing with what is often difficult mediation situations.  She is great at helping me brainstorm and develop my thoughts on training programmes, and indeed when I face challenges in the training room it is incredibly useful to have her available as a sounding board.  She reminds me of my strengths and inner resources, which is one of the key skills in coaching.   Paula is a very valuable, confidential business and professional resource for me and I highly recommend her.

Jean Schoultz, Coach and Trainer, Everest Group

Paula your supervision has been invaluable to me, both personally and professionally. Initially I was a bit dubious, but I am now a true believer!  I use the methods all the time both in my personal and work life.  You inspire me to think of things on a much broader scale, and I like the way you challenge me to think in directions that I had not considered.  Your experience, insight and support has helped me so much and has strengthened my own skills. 

I have moved forward in my life and career due to surrounding myself with good people, I count you among them. 

Team Leader, Kaipara District Council

Working with Paula has opened up a world of possibilities.  I have discovered skills and tools that support me to show up more authentically in the work environment.  I have become more skilled at making decisions and responding to and moving forward from challenging situations. Through coaching with Paula I have improved significantly my personal and professional ability to communicate with influence and clarity.

Head Teacher, Northland Kindergarten Association


Paula is a dynamic Trainer with such an engaging personality and wonderful sense of humour. I also enjoyed our many chats over the training days and really appreciate her genuine care in helping me along my journey.

Bronwyn Harvey, Mum and Community School Developer, Waiheke

Paula brings a wonderful care, ecology and depth of knowledge which she willingly shares during training. She is world class and I will long remember her contributions to my NLP Trainers Training.

James Marris, NLP Trainer, Hamilton

Business Consultancy

We have worked with Paula for several years now.  She has assisted us with organisation development, strategic planning, people and culture. Paula is responsive and adaptive in her approach, and professional in her dealings with us. She has sound processes for understanding the specific issues of the group and individuals, and uses this to define clear objectives, outcomes and appropriate processes to achieve the outcomes. Feedback from staff has always been positive; finding Paula’s delivery style participative and engaging.  It is good to know that the assistance Paula provides is valued by our team as well.

P Joyce, Service Co-Ordinator, S.O.S. Kaipara

Paula has facilitated our Strategic Planning sessions for a number of years now. Her planning and presentation are superb. The clearly defined structure of the workshop coupled with her intelligent, thought provoking questions, enable us to quickly get a clear picture of what we want for our Organisation. Each year this has enabled us to move forward with a focused, aligned and cohesive direction.  

Dianne Fowlie, General Manager, Greenways Trust