Personal Coaching

As a dynamic being, you are always able to change

Right from the first session, we will shape up how you do want to be in your world, to get you engaged and excited about what you can create in your life.

To go from how I was last week to today, in just one sessionit is remarkable!

Tamsin M, Auckland

Can you imagine having a clearer, kinder, more satisfying relationship with yourself?

Using the impactful tools of NLP Coaching, we focus on defining and achieving what is most important to you.  Even more than goals, having a personal vision that is clear, motivating and compelling is a BIG part of the equation.

You will make sense of, and take charge of the thoughts, feelings, sensations and emotions that go on inside.   You will start to see what makes you tick, what has been tripping you up and how to align your life to support you right now.

Eyes and Heart on where we are going.

Paula Mitchell

It’s a fundamental principle of change…If we want to be different, we need to do different…

Trying to change an ingrained habit, behaviour or way of thinking can be hard work when all we have to work with is willpower and a goal.  No matter how much we want something, often it is hard to know what specifically needs to change to get the results we want.

That’s where NLP, mBIT and Inner World Coaching become transformational forces for growth and change. Using these powerful methodologies, you can make significant, sustainable and effective change in your life with relative ease. 

Your inner dynamics reflect your outer reality

With NLP Coaching, you no longer have to work hard at changing habits or ways of being, as the change happens at a deeper level. Like updating the software on your phone, we adjust your settings and programming, so you effectively work better for you.

Skype Coaching has totally exceeded any expectation or vision I had. Working with Paula has been a game-changer

Sue R, USA