Leadership and Employee Coaching

Imagine an inspired workplace where dynamic people work with joy and purpose

When you support your team to grow their capability, enhance performance, build resilience and encourage diversity, the flow on benefits are significant.

Some businesses think of coaching as another frivolous expense, like the annual Christmas party. They can see the benefit for the individual, but may well wonder… what’s the benefit for the business?

When you invest in coaching everyone benefits…

  • NLP Coaching for your leaders and team is an investment in your business success
  • Workplace Coaching sends a positive and powerful message to your team: “you are valued, we appreciate what you do, we want to help you stay resilient and grow your skills”
  • Coaching as a Professional Development pathway is investing in the ongoing effectiveness and growth of an individual, the people they interact with, and your business as a whole

Paula is an extraordinary coach who bring care and respect to clients while ensuring they take responsibility for themselves.

Raewyn, Recruitment Advisor

Thank you, Paula. Our employee has had positive results from your coaching. I am very happy to support further sessions.

Darren W, Auckland

Thanks so much for your time spent with one of our team members. He comes back energised yet focused after sessions with you. We are noticing a much more grounded, confident and effective employee.

Financial Advisor, Waikato

Coaching will keep your team learning, growing and excited about unlocking their wealth of growth potential

Discover what’s possible for your business:

1. Switched-On Communicators and Influencers

  • People who know how to listen and communicate their message clearly
  • Staff who build rapport with ease and adapt their influence to the audience—customers, clients, colleagues, or stakeholders
  • Image the power of a team who can have courageous conversations without blame or defense

2. Resilient and Responsive Leaders

  • A team that can grow self-awareness and emotional intelligence, to be empathetic and adaptive
  • Managers who have both oversight and insight; who can attune to what is really going on in a conversation or situation
  • Staff with agility and flexibility; who can deal with conflict and adapt to change

3. Engaged, Motivated and Creative Teams

  • Shape a team who have confidence in each other; fully aligned around business vision, values and outcomes
  • Who can access empowered states to deal with inevitable workplace stressors
  • People who will rise to a challenge and be solution focused

Let’s talk about the best fit for you…